Our Process

When Facing Potential Litigation or Worse…

Our Business Solutions Maintain the Viability of Your Business – Quickly and Confidentially

Strategic Reorganization Streamlines and Alleviates Business Debt, Creating a Path Back to Profitability

Our comprehensive debt assessment and reorganization services focus on optimizing your business’s current debt structure to alleviate the burden and foster financial stability. Through strategic approaches like refinancing, debt consolidation, restructuring, and even debt forgiveness, we significantly reduce your overall debt, ultimately decreasing monthly cash outflows.

Genesis USAZ Debt Mediation Provides Solutions Establishing Effective Work-Outs with Creditor and Lenders.

Genesis USAZ specializes in mediating between businesses and creditors, enabling the establishment of feasible and mutually beneficial arrangements. Through our comprehensive mediation approach, businesses can experience a substantial reduction in their debt burden while maintaining positive relationships with their creditors.

Access Alternative Financing Solutions Beyond Traditional Banks in a Challenging Lending Landscape

In the current stringent lending climate, businesses face difficulties in obtaining funding from conventional lenders. Our services offer valuable assistance during this cautious lending period, where traditional banks have restricted their practices. Through our alternative financing options, businesses gain access to the necessary funds to sustain and expand their operations.